“Hello everyone:

We’ve just returned from a very nice four day stay with you – and wanted to make a recommendation for a local business who kindly provided kids bike rentals to us while we stayed in the Villas. My boys had a great time biking up and down the roads within the bounds of the Manor.

Jim Barrett  runs a small, mobile business and will come drop off bikes and then pick them up again. He also provides high visibility vests and helmets, and will provide access to the rail trail (which we did and was fantastic – Rathkeale to Newcastle West). He’s got kids sizes, trailers and child seats too – which I know you don’t have at the Manor.

Thank you also to your staff for making our visit such a pleasure.


Alyssa, Philadelphia

I am the person who rented the bike from you on the 3rd of Sept at the Dunraven and whom you drove many kilometres to the starting point, thanks again for you great help that day! I loved the afternoon and it was great meeting you. God, do i miss Ireland. I am back in paris and it’s endless rain.It was a very happy moment when I had the concierge at the Dunraven hotel call the pedal pursuits bike hire in order to rent a bike for an afternoon.

Though the shop is some 10 klm away, Dennis brought the bike to me in person and then drove me another 10 klm to bring me to the start of a bike lane that he highly recommended. I am glad I accepted his advice.The path winds forever through some of the most bucolically beautiful landscapes in Ireland, and on a sunny day it was a truly wonderful experience. I don’t think I have had a more enjoyable bike ride in my life and the bike I rented was simply perfect: brand new, 21 gears, very quick and very mobile. Put the golf clubs away for a day and get on a bike.  There are few more agreeable ways of spending a perfect Irish day than on one.

David Reney, Paris, France

Hi , hired your bikes wed just wanted to say thanks a  million great service Not used to cycling but really enjoyed day.